Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Intern Spotlight: Isaac

On Tuesday I woke up with the joy of knowing that today I was going to my internship. When I showed up to VISIONBOX, Jennifer and Nicole had a project to work on that was very engaging. They gave me a list of names of Drama teachers and their schools throughout Colorado, as well as their contact information.  My first task was to go to the school's main website and find out if the information was still valid. If not, I was told to update it. After about an hour and a half of that, I updated the information and began to work on my second task. The second task was a lot easier. I had to put the addresses of the different schools as well VISIONBOX’s address on envelopes. That took about 30-45 minutes, I organized about 13 folders in all. The last task was the easiest because all I had to do was put 12 flyers in each envelope, and that took me a little bit over 3:30 but it was cool to be finished with my tasks. I then left knowing that I could come back Thursday and start on something new.

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